Since graduating (Software Engineering) in 2015, I have been working as a freelance developer, creating bespoke websites for a deliciously varied array of small businesses, charities, projects and people.

During this time I set up a partnership, Ff&B. with designer and friend Becky Trow.

We are no longer taking on any new projects and I am now focusing on maintenance and support for existing clients.

I love Django, a Python-based web framework and have used this for the majority of sites I have built, creating tailored admin areas to give clients control of their content, without the bloat and confusion of the WordPress Dashboard. Shopify is another wonderful tool which I have used to create a number of custom e-commerce themes. I don't use any front-end frameworks currently, just minimal JavaScript, although I have dabbled with Vue.js and this is something I'm interested in trying out more!

For hosting I use Opalstack* – it's a delight!

* Yes, that's an affiliate link!

Are you a web developer too, or an aspiring one? Please feel free to get in touch – let's see if we can support each other.