Weave lanterns - Zonnelijk
Forest Mini Cards - Zonnelijk

In the summer of 2015 when I was just coming to the end of my exams, I went to Pulse to meet Saskia and Sofie of Life's a Party, to talk about taking on distribution in the UK for the dutch designer Jurianne Matter.

Now I have Zonnelijk. The word is from old old dutch and means "of the sun" - you pronounce it kinda like 'zon - uh - lik'. Lovely Domenique helped me think of the name and get started on a logo.

As well as Jurianne Matter, I also distribute the work of Jessica Nielsen. They both have a wonderful eye for colour and pattern, as well as an attention to detail and sense of responsibility when it comes to ethics and caring for the environment.

It's a real honour finding shops and galleries in the UK to stock their work, and when I visit them it's such a good feeling.

Paper lightboats by Jurianne Matter - Zonnelijk
Patterned gift cards by Jessica Nielsen - Zonnelijk
Forest poster by Jessica Nielsen - Zonnelijk
Zonnelijk stickers printed by Awesome Merchandise